Mahan and Huff is one of the few Appliance Suppliers nationwide that specializes in selling used Appliance parts.  

We sell nationwide to appliance dealers and can also export by the Gaylord.  

Our inventory of parts include the following;

  • Direct Drive Transmission and Motors. 

  • Whirlpool Washer heads 

  • Agitators 

  • Refrigerator Compressors 

  • Computer Boards 

  • Timers 

  • Cords 

  • Fans 

Our inventory is constantly expanding based on the customers needs.   

For the Appliance dealer this is a very cost effective way of buying parts for pennies on the dollar.  

Imagine, buying 10 Computer boards for the cost of a new one.   What if 5 of the 10 work? Then you have just added to your profit,  

The possibilities are endless with how much this simple investment can make you in return.  


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Mahan and Huff  

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